Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Festival Time Has Begun! (newsletter - 4-15-11)


Ah, spring!  That beautiful bi-polar time of year is in full swing here, with each day dancing between drenching rains, blinding bright sunshine and yes, even winter’s last grasping snows.  To be perfectly honest, this is my favorite time of year.

Just as the wheel of the year turns, ushering in changes and new beginnings, so spins the world of Juana Ghani.  We had so much fun playing the last few shows with Filthy McWhiskey that he has brought along his banjo and joined our family full time.  He brings so much creativity and texture to our performances and we are beyond happy to have him.  Unfortunately, due to some circumstances beyond everybody’s control, our fabulous bari-sax man, Travis, has had to step down.  We are going to miss having him with us, but we are all confident that there will be times he’ll still join us on stage as a very special guest performer.  While Travis can never be replaced in our hearts, we are looking at bringing in someone new to fill out our low end.  We have been in talks with some very talented people and hope to make an announcement about a new family member soon.  Keep watching our facebook pages and our blog for more on that.

And finally Festival Season is upon us!  The dates are coming in and there will many opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to see Juana Ghani play this summer.   We are thrilled to be invited to play at The Meeting of the Tribes on April 23 at the Salt Lake Masonic Temple.  The show will begin at 1:00pm, tickets are $7.

The next week, April 30, will find us playing on the Earth Stage for Earth Jam at Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park.  We will play from 1:30-2:15pm and admission is free for everybody.

May 19th we will be headlining at The Woodshed located at 60 East 800 South in Salt Lake.  Joining us for the evening will be our special guests N.I.N.A. (No Irish Need Apply).  Cover is $5 at the door, must be at least 21-years old to attend.

You’ll find us at Bar Deluxe (666 South State St in SLC) on June 3, along with our good friends La Decollatage.  This will be a night of dancing and mayhem as only Salt Lake’s alt-Gypsy underground can bring.

That same weekend we’ll be playing on the International Stage at the Utah Pride Festival.  Come out Sunday, June 5 and help us celebrate!  Our set begins at 4:00pm.  

This is shaping up to be a very busy summer as more dates continue to come in.  Still in the wings we have Utah Arts Festival, Night at the Casbah and Autism Awareness fundraiser, Park Silly Sunday Market and more!  Keep watching our Events page to stay up to date with where we’ll be next!

And now, a few recommendations:
  • Strawberry Risotto – Perfect with a salad of mixed spring greens and tall glass of honey sweetened iced herbal tea!
  • Walking – Nothing clears the mind and calms the spirit like a long, leisurely walk in the spring sunshine.
  • Daffodils – Seriously.  How can anybody look at daffodils and not feel like smiling?

Oh!  I almost forgot!  JUANA GHANI shot glasses!  These 2 fluid ounce frosted glass beauties will be available for purchase at our shows for $5 a piece.  

Have a beautiful day!  Budmo!

Juana Ghani