Thursday, October 24, 2013

Costume Party at Brewskis!


Acoustic punk Halloween fun at Brewskis Saturday, October 26

Utah’s most entertaining acoustic punk bands Juana Ghani and Salt Lake Whalefishers celebrate Hallowe’en at Brewskis on Saturday the 26th of October.

Ogden, Utah –  Utah’s number 1 acoustic Gypsy punk band Juana Ghani is joining forces with the comedic folk punk duo Salt Lake Whalefishers and sponsor Only In Ogden to bring the most exciting and fun-filled Hallowe’en party in town to Brewskis (244 Historic 25th Street) on Saturday, October 26.  With live music, dancing, on-the-spot art and a costume contest to end all costume contests, it promises to be a night of insanely fantastic Gypsy folk punk mayhem and madness.

Eclectic Gypsy punks Juana Ghani ( are known for their always titillating live shows and songs that are full of “semi-nightmarish fantasies of violence, revenge, desire and struggle” (Savannah Turk, City Weekly) and music that is “full of love, death, sex, grief, passion and vodka.”(Oliver Arditi, LiveUnsigned) Their live shows not only bring fabulously infectious original music, but often include the area’s most amazing belly dancers and performance artists. Juana Ghani’s featured dancers for this amazing night of Hallowe’en fun are Stefanie Harrington, Heather Gardner, Jennifer Payton, LaNae Surerus, Marlene Dayton, Tatum Ramos, and Katie Fernbach.

Armed with a tenor banjo, acoustic guitar, and two drum machines in a brief case mounted on a cymbal stand, folk punk duo Salt Lake Whalefishers ( bring a healthy taste of irreverence and hilarious hooliganism to their live performances.  Always clever and unabashed, the Whalefishers’ ridiculous lyrics and rhythmic melodies give even the horribly uncoordinated a need to dance.

Alisi Makaafi ( is a Salt Lake City based artist.  Throughout the night, she will be painting live, creating a unique piece of art that expresses the energy of the night in one beautiful masterpiece.

Costumes are encouraged.  Prizes will be given to the best and most creative costumes, thanks to sponsor Only In Ogden, so let your spooky imagination fly.

Brewskis is located at 244 Historic 25th Street in Ogden, Utah.  Tickets are $5 at the door, ladies get in free.  Music begins at 10:00 p.m.  Must be 21-years or older to attend.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Story Behind the Song: WHAT DID I KNOW?

(post by Leisl)

For years, Brian and I have kept a notebook ready for writing down different phrases that come to mind or that we overhear or that we read.  We have pages and pages of disjointed phrases!  Back in 2010, before we even had this wonderful group of musicians assembled, Brian had written this wonderfully happy piece of music that reminded me very much of the times I spent as a child on the harbors and beaches of LaMaddalena, but it needed words.  As a challenge, we decided to see if I could tie a bunch of these mismatched phrases together into some sort of story for a song.  It worked out fabulously!  (We were even able to use a phrase our youngest uttered one summer morning: "I love the smell of Saturdays!")  The chorus proved to be a bit more challenging for me.  We had spent quite some time trying to make some of these phrases work, but no luck.  It wasn't until I was so frustrated by the effort and felt a headache coming on that I threw up my hands and announced, "What do I know?  I can't even see right now.  The sun is shining in my eyes & it hurts."  "That's it!" Brian declared, "That's your chorus!  Now sing it."

What Did I Know?

I’m waiting for the snow to fall
And wondering if it really will
This time
I’m waiting quietly
For something exciting
But all I really know is that
Another life has been born
And I’m one step closer,
Two steps closer now to being
Not so far behind

What did I know?
I couldn’t see at all
The sun was shining in my eyes

I love the smell of Saturday
When everything is not what it seems
Frustrating bits of time
Where everybody is alive
I’m dancing like the flame
Of a candle in jar
Where everybody is alive
Everybody is, but the patient

What did I know?
I couldn’t see at all
The sun was shining in my eyes

I wonder every day
That somebody else is wondering with me
He just sort of mumbled
Then shook my hand and walked away
I feel like a hermit
In my own mind
This is a place
Where even evergreens
Even evergreens know their season

What did I know?
I couldn’t see at all
The sun was shining in my eyes