Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Shopping Season!

“Christmas is coming!  The goose is getting fat!  Please put a penny in the old man’s hat.”  

Well, ok.  Maybe a bit more than a penny and maybe not in his hat.  And, honestly, it doesn’t even have to be for Christmas.  It could be for Chanukah or Yule or Kwanza or Thursday or whatever wonderful holiday of the season it is that you celebrate.  But whatever day it is, we strongly encourage you to support your local bands and buy directly from them.  And they have a lot to offer - CDs, t-shirts & hoodies, shot glasses, posters, and lots of other super cool stuff.  And get the joy and satisfaction of knowing that you helped make a whole group of musicians very happy on top of it all!

Happy holidays and Happy shopping!

(We'll continue working with our good friends FOLK HOGAN to keep this list updated.  Keep checking back with this blog - and theirs - to stay up on all the cool kids.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Salt Lake City Witches' Ball

Juana Ghani will be playing at the Salt Lake City Witches' Ball at Bar Deluxe (666 S. State Street) this Saturday, OCTOBER 27th.  This will be THE party to attend this Hallowe'en.  Performing with Juana Ghani will be the amazing, beautiful, and bewitching Lunar Collective, Davina Tribal Collective, Thia, and Jennifer Long-Pratt.  Other performers for the night include Banjara, Eevil Kim, Triple Moon Tribe, Oriental Dansi, Stephanie Buranek, DIA, Beaute Derangee and many, many more!  Also playing at the Witches' Ball will be instrumental metal band Cornered by Zombies.  AND (yes, it gets even better!) this is a costume party!  The theme of the night is "Black Lace and White Magic" and there will be a HUGE grand prize presented to the "Baddest Witch."  So get your witchily bad self all dressed up and come party with us 'til the ghosts come home!

This will be our last show for awhile.  After such an amazing year, we're going to catch our breath for a couple months and work on some new material, new members, and a whole new experience.  It's all going to be so amazing!

Looking forward to seeing Saturday!

Juana Ghani

PS  -  US cell phone users (AT&T, Cellular One, Sprint, TMobile, or Virgin Mobile) can now download a "Raise Your Glass" ringtone for $2.49 by texting 20651284 to 69937

Monday, October 1, 2012

Newsletter – Autumn 2012

Hello, Everybody!

Before I get into things, I want to say a big thank you to everybody who has signed up for our newsletter from,, our website at and in person at our shows.  You are all so beautiful!  Thank you all so much!  And welcome to the family!

Now on to the good stuff!  It’s been an amazingly busy and wonderful summer for Juana Ghani.  We’ve played some fabulous events and venues and met some incredible people.  And we released our first full-length CD “Shall We Live Forever” in July.  We are so touched and feel so much love from all the wonderful people who have bought the CD and had such incredibly nice things to say about it.  

Along with the release of this CD, Brian published a book – “Kasojeni Bay” – at the same time.  


You can pick up both at any of our shows or buy them on the web from a multitude of online retailers including our own Juana Ghani store –

Right on the heels of an amazing summer, we have an incredible autumn in the works.  In fact, it seems October will be the Month of Juana Ghani.  Here’s the schedule:

  • Wednesday, September 26  -  Urban Lounge (241 S. 500 E.)  -  We have the mind-blowing opportunity to play with the world-renowned Bloodshot Records artist Firewater who are touring the United States for the first time in 4 years!  Firewater has been one of our biggest inspirations since day 1 and we are so excited for this show.
  • Tuesday, October 2 -  Bar Deluxe (666 S. State)  -  We’ll be sharing the night with the darkly quirky Hellblinki who are coming to SLC all the way from Asheville, North Carolina.  This will be the perfect night to kick off your Hallowe’en season!
  • Friday, October 5  -  Fat’s Grill (2182 S. Highland Dr.)  -  The entire night will be Juana Ghani!  And admission is FREE!  It doesn’t get much better.
  • Saturday, October 13  -  Bar Deluxe (666 S. State)  -  Utah’s most exciting and mind-blowing Gypsy punk bands will be coming together for the very first time to bring you TRIFECTA!  We are teaming up with other local legends Hectic Hobo and FOLK HOGAN for a night of complete mayhem.  It will absolutely be a night to talk about for ages and ages to come!  You can buy advance tickets at and a get a free song download from each band in the process!

  • Saturday, October 20  -  Crone’s Hollow (2470 S. Main St.)  -  Our only “family friendly” show of the month.  This night will be a Gypsy Masquerade, so make sure you come in full costume!
  • Saturday, October 27  -  Bar Deluxe (666 S. State)  -  We are super excited to play this year’s Witches Ball at Bar Deluxe.  This is the spookiest, sexiest costume party of the year!  This year’s theme:  White Magic and Black Lace.

Beginning in November, we will be working on brand new material with some brand new members of our Juana Ghani family!  It’s a very exciting time, indeed, for all of us and we can’t wait for the grand unveiling.  

Have a wonderful autumn!  Come to a show!  And absolutely come up and say hello to us!


PS - Not signed up to our mailing list, yet?  You can do so here:


Thanks!  And we love you!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Are you ready to do it again?  
The Underground Gypsy Cabaret at Bar Deluxe happens on Friday the 13th of July, 2012
and this time Juana Ghani is celebrating the release of our brand new full length CD

and Brian Bonell's first ever novella

Doors open at 9pm.  Cover is $7.  Must be 21+ to attend.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Shall We Live Forever" official release date!

We are thrilled to announce that our first full-length CD "Shall We Live Forever" will be officially released tomorrow, June 20th.  We hope you'll join us at the CD release party on July 13th at the Underground Gypsy Cabaret at Bar Deluxe in Salt Lake City.

And to go along with the CD, there's a book!  That's right.  Brian wrote a book called "Kasojeni Bay" that is the perfect companion to this CD.  It ties many of the songs together into a beautiful tale of self-discovery and passion and features several beautiful works by some of our favorite artists and photographers.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

JUANA GHANI has the extreme honor and privilege of opening for FIREWATER on September 26th at Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City!  This is a dream come true, a fantasy realized!  Opa!

Newsletter from April 2012

Newsletter: Originally emailed on April 9, 2012


Happy spring!

Daffodils are blooming, crocus sprinkle the lawn, the trees are
leafing, and the seasonal birds are beginning to return.  Such a
beautiful time of year!  Everything is new!
And the new doesn’t stop with Nature.  Juana Ghani has all sorts of new
news to share!

  * Friday, April 13 - Underground Gypsy Cabaret at Bar Deluxe, located
    at 666 South State Street in Salt Lake City.  This is going to be
    another amazing night of Gypsy celebration and mayhem as we are
    joined by the Middle Eastern drum ensemble Tabla Arabia and the
    Gypsy fusion band Rakatanga.  Of course, the amazing dancers and
    aerialists and magician will be back, as well, spinning their
    seductive sorcery amongst the masses.  There will even be a henna
    artist on hand to decorate the bodies of those who wish to be
  * Saturday, April 28 – Earth Jam, celebrated at Liberty Park in Salt
    Lake City.  This is a free event for the whole family.
  * Saturday, May 5 – The Woodshed, located at 60 East 800 South in
    Salt Lake City.  Cinco de Mayo Gypsy style!
  * Saturday, May 19 – Mojo’s, located at 2210 Washington in Ogden.
    We’ll be joining forces with one of our favorite bands, Hectic
    Hobo, for an all ages night of Gypsy mayhem.
  * Sunday, June 3 – Utah Pride Festival.  This is always such a fun
    time and we are so happy to be back on the International Stage!
  * Saturday, June 23 – Utah Arts Festival.  We are so pleased to be
    returning to the Utah Arts Festival in Salt Lake City.  This is
    always such a fun event!  Great music, amazing dance and fabulous

To go along with our fantastically fun – and LARGE – Juana Ghani shot
glasses, you will now be able to pick up t-shirts, patches, bracelets
and stickers at any of our shows.  Take some Juana Ghani home with you!

The biggest new news of all:  We have been busy in the studio over the
last several months working on our new full length CD.  Yes, indeedy!
New music!   No exact release date has been set as of yet, but we are
shooting for a late spring release.  Be ready for it!

And to accompany this CD, Brian has been busily writing away like a mad
man.  No, not just music.  He’s written a beautiful short novel that
tells the tale of Kasojeni Bay and Sonia’s incredible sadness.  This
book will feature art and photos by some truly amazing artists.  This,
too, should be available late spring.

Hooray and wonderful spring adventures!  We look forward to see you

Much love,

Juana Ghani